Sunday, June 4, 2017


So, I have been thinking and I thought that I would let you know more about myself.
First let me introduce myself,  my name is Laurie Ann, and I have an addiction or a love of all things beauty, from skincare and makeup and more.
I'm 44 years old, yes really, and I know, I don't look it. Why? Because I have a love for skincare but mainly for korean skincare products. I have done several videos on my routine and explain how it has reversed aging. The videos are up on my YouTube channel.
I have been married before and lost him. He pasted away due to a work accident. Then I spent 5 years  in a very abusive relationship, which I have also talked about on my YouTube channel as well.
I have spent the last almost 7 year with the most wonderful man. And yes I am marrying him in September. To say that I'm excited would be an understatement. Yes ladies, you can find Mr perfect if you have patients.
I have three children. Two twin girls and a son,  who I raised for years as a single mom. 
I  have not had any easy life, but i have always stayed positive and always keep God near. I wouldn't be where i am today without both of them.
Life is a learning game. When one thing doesn't work then learn the mistake and try something else.
I work at a job that i love and also write this blog and record videos for my youtube channel. So yes im a beauty blogger. 
I really could write a book on my life, from children calling me names in school to getting married and dealing with his family and then losing him and raising kids alone. Then entering into an abusive relationship for 5 years and  raising kids again alone. Then to find my prince charming and finally getting married again. The last this time. My kids are all adults in their twenty's and one just graduated college. 

I want us to be friends, so tell me more about yourselves in the comments below and if you want to hear more about my life, and love when i just write whats on my mind then let me know that as well. Thank you for listening.

Also comment and let me know what kinds of things you would love to see on here. 


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