Tuesday, May 9, 2017


So by know , you should know that i have love Korean skincare. I use the 10 step Korean skincare method as well as you all Korean skincare products. I also love getting my 2 different monthly Korean subscriptions and just signed up for one more.

I recently got my MISHIBOX for the month of april
and this product was in that box

This is the salon face pad by SNP

This contains lemon peel oil and white willow bark extract for gentle physical and chemical exfoliation.
 Peppermint, rosemary and chamomile extracts also help decrease sensitivity.
This is  an easy to use / easy to carry, one step salon face pad that exfoliates and removes dead skin for brighter, healthier and smooth looking skin wherever you are.   Each side of the salon face pad caters to the different areas of the face for different intensities of exfoliation. (Can even be used on elbows and heels!)

                                     This side is used for the t-zone and tougher areas of the face for a more focused exfoliation.
                                            This side can be used for the entire face

This is an important step in the Korean skincare. I have a peeling gel already but this is nice cause you can carry it with you when your traveling.
Its gentle and exfoliates without leaving your skin red and irritated.

I love this products
Get yours today SNP LAB+ salon face pad

These little pads are only $3

Go and get your hands on these cause they are totally worth it.


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