Friday, May 19, 2017


So for this months box,
    " Some of the brightest most vivid colors of spring reveal themselves through the light of the sun's rays during the month of May. Mother Nature paints her natural landscapes with shades of green and floral hues so beautifully, its enough to inspire us to tap into our own sense of creativity. As you look toward the cheerful, bustling energies of life bursting all around you this month, let us help you express yourself as freely and creatively as you can with our boho style jewelry pieces featuring bright, warm colors paired with cooler springtime hues to help bring balance to your creative energies throughout the rest of the spring. Its time to break through your fears and embrace who you really are!"-- yogi surpise

                                   So when you get your box, this is what the inside looks like so lets take a look

                                         This is everything that was in the box
                                               CREATIVE BOHO MALA $65-- "Vibrant hues are in for the month of May,, which is exactly why our earthy, carefree boho mala has been specifically crafted to bring some of spring's most gorgeous colors together. Fastened with a beautiful brass adornment, we hope you'll be inspired to be as playful and original as possible while you express your wonderful self this spring."  This is so pretty and beautiful. I really love the colors

                                            CREATIVE WRAP BRACELET $32--"we're encouraging you to think pink this month as you unlock your creative energies with our beautiful wrap bracelet to match the mala.. Featuring bright pink agate and amethyst stones, the gleaming touches of gold on this bracelet will make you feel like royalty." This is so beautiful. I love the colors and i think that between the two pieces that this is my favorite.

                                      COCOMELS $1.49--"give your taste buds something to savor with these coconut milk caramel candies made entirely from sustainable sourced and organic ingredients. each candy has been carefully crafted with divine inspiration and creativity for a healthier, all natural sweet treat. " These are very delish. I love coconut and these do not disappoint.

                                                     Here is the bracelet. I love the colors.

                                                 Here is the necklace.

                         I love that they always show one of the pieces that is coming in the next box. I am excited about this next months so make sure that you get your box so you don't miss out.
 The box is $24.99 a month


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