Monday, March 7, 2016

Natural Eye Look With A Pop Of Green Liner And AN Ombre Lip

This is a perfect look for a more natural look but with a pop of green liner, that you can wear for St. Patrick's day. TO Glam this up a bit more, you can get add some black shadow to the outer quarter of the eye and up into the outer part of the crease with it blended out.
This lip color is perfect for an evening out on the town.
Here is the look.

Here is the products that i used.

 For my eyes, In the crease I used Mac cosmetics eyeshadow in Soft Brown, and then also from Mac Cosmetics in the shade Golden Flurry. I couldnt not find this shade any where online but you can use the shade Phloof  
 I also used this shade with a damp brush to give it a little more pizzazz. For the eyeliner, i used Total Intensity by Prestige Against All ODDs liquid ink eyeliner in Stalker
For the mascara I used On top and bottom It cosmetics Tightline mascara and on the top i used  Loreal Voluminous Butterfly waterproof Macara 
For the lips. I did create an Ombre Lip. I used the Ofra cosmetics long lasting liquid lipsticks. These are amazing. These are two from the New York skyline collections. I first put on Manhattan and then over the top more in the middle of the lip i used the shade Time Square

 I love the way this look turned out. Give this a try.
If you do try this look, Leave a comment down below.

And as always,
Stay Blessed
Stay Positive
Stay Beautiful

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