Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The perfect shower items

We are always looking for the best thing for the shower, from scrubs, to body washes and even the perfect shower mitt or loofah.
I know i am but look no more because i have two really awesome items and to be honest, i cant do without. So let me share them with you.

They are both pictured in the photo above and yes i am leaving links so you can order this.

The first is the sponge.
Its from My Konjac sponge and its the ALl natural Korean Loofah infused Konjac body sponge with activated Bamboo Charcoal
  • This sponge combines the benefit of konjac plant with the power of the luffa, for an incredible deeper cleansing and exfoliating experiences
  • Premium quality & larger size ensure better cleaning & toning - for smoother, silkier skin
  • Activated bamboo carbon cleanses pores, effectively draw out dirt and excess oil that can clog pores and result in breakouts
  • 100% natural ingredients! Made in Korea (NOT China) from genuine Konjac plant root 
 This sponge is Vegan and cruelty free as well 
Here is some more of the different sponges that you can get.   

I have also tried the one for the face and its just as good.

I love this sponge. When you use any kind of body wash, Its stays soapy. You need this sponge.
Here is the link for this amazing sponge.--

And now for  the shower mousse.

This is a exfoliating shower mousse. When they sent this to me, i had never heard of this before, but since trying this. Im in love. Its truly amazing. Its gentle but effective and smells amazing. The smells even last all day long and a little bit of this product truly goes a long way. 

Its Cleans, exfoliates, moisturizes, and tones your skin. Immediately your skin is smooth, velvety, oxygenated, renewed and energized. The secret of this product lies in the use of glycolic acid and Dead Sea Salts.

Get this product by clicking on this link---


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