Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Marine collagen essence mask / silicone moisturizing mask

Hello, so this is a mask kind of day. So, here is a review, well sort of a double review if you will.  First let's talk about the importance of skin care. You should always spend time every day taking care of your skin because without proper skincare any make up that you apply is not going to go on flawlessly. And I have really become  addicted to the Korean skincare right now. I've tried several brands,as well as  several masks. And  I've got more skin care stuff that's  coming. And Korean skin care is about 12 years ahead of the US as far as their skin care technology 
 Here is the first thing that I am going to review and it is the dermal marine collagen essence mask.  I will put the link  for both of these products , I am talking about down below so  go and check them out and order these. This one claims that it's for moisturizing and regenerating.  This is a simple sheet type essence mask that offers your skin direct nutrition. The claim is that compared to other mask you can feel the difference immediately when you use this after only just one use and it does include a high-quality mask sheet that sticks to your face very well. And also claims that collagen which makes your skin elastic and moist that's it improves your skin moisturizing power and keep skin always healthy. Vitamin E is used to provide your tired skin nutrition and makes your skin healthy and bright. Another claim is that when you put the mask sheet on your face it makes you feel cool and since you're tired skin elastic.

Here is the other thing that I am going to review and it is the silicone moisturizing mask.

Now the concept of this is to wear this mask over any sheet mask that you use and it's supposed to kind of keep it in place  so your mask doesn't move around , you can get up and walk around , you can use this in the bath if that's what you would like to do. This is supposed to have a wrapping a fact and it prevents the masks serum from evaporating under air conditioning.

Here is what the silicone mask looks like it looks a little intimidating but it's really awesome and cool concept and it is so reusable.

Here is the college in essence mask as you can see it has a lot of product on it. So the basic concept of the way this works is that you unfold the mask  and you gently apply the mask sheet around your eyes and fit your face contour.  

Once you have the mask on then you can apply the silicone moisturizing mask over and basically you're just putting it up to your face and then the loopholes will go around your ears. 

I know so attractive right LOL. Now you leave this on your face for 15 to 20 minutes.  I set a timer and I was able to go and do other things like I said this would be perfect for a doing a spa night and then put this on and then take a couple bath.

After the 20 minutes is up you take off  The silicone mask and this can be washed and reused, so I have washed it  and then now I'm letting it air dry and then use it the next time that you want to take use a mask. Then you take off the sheet mask and that's the picture that's up above , and as you can see there is a lot of essence from the mask on my face so you really want to just tap the remaining essence it's your skin until it is completely absorbed. 

My skin after using this feels so hydrated and so it just feels really amazing. I recommend getting the dermal facemasks , I will leave a link below  for them and I  recommend getting the silicone mask because this can be used for any face mask that you want to use and that week is going to be done.

Daiso Japan Reusable Silicon Mask Cover--
Dermal Korean collagen essence mask--

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