Thursday, June 18, 2015

Ice blue sail la vie nails

Hello beautiful,
   So I haven't done my nails since I took the acrylics off.
So its about time i do my nails
Lets get started. 

This is what I'm using. On the left is nail foil in ice blue crush( The link to where to get this is below) and on the right is sinful colors nail polish in sail la vie.  

I started with two coats of the blue polish 

I have to say that I love this color because it makes me think of the sea. 

To get the nail foils to stay on the nails, you need to nail glue. I got this online.( the link is below) I will leave the link below. 

How it works is you apply the glue to the nail that you are wanting the foil on. 
Let the glue dry for about a minute or until it's clear then you stick the foil on with the design facing up and then you press it down. You can then lift the foil up and where you put the glue down the foil will stay. 

For the top coat, I used the  gel shine 3d from Sally Hansen. 

This nail drying spray from Sally Hansen is amazing and I love this. It makes it so easy to do your nails. It speeds the drying time up. This is a must have for me . 

Here are my finished nails. I have had so many compliments on these nails.

Dollar Nail Art ( where i got the nail glue and the nail foils.) ---

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