Thursday, May 7, 2015

Healing my nails after acrylics.

I have had acrylics on for the past several months, and I finally decided to take them off. As you know when you wear acrylics for any length of time your nail bed can't breathe  so it weekens The nails making them really soft and easy to chip in break. 

In the picture on the left I am using the essence nail art express dry drops. I don't have Nail drying  spray that I usually use so I decided to use this one that I picked up from ulta. The claims are that it dries in 60 seconds and it includes a vitamin E and almond oil to help nourish your nails as well as your cuticles.  Let's just say the claims are right if you don't have this go to Ulta  and pick this up. it is fabulous it Drys in  seconds and then after your nail polish is dry you can take and  massage  the oil into your cuticles and into your hands.   
In the picture above in the middle is the duri rejuvacote nail growth system. This is supposed to heal and cure your split cracked and acrylic nails.  I have used this before with great success and absolutely recommend this you can get this from some Walmarts, if your Walmart does not carry this with the nail  products then you can order this online  on Amazon. 
And on the right is the Julip oxygen nail treatment. I picked this up at Sephora and it is supposed to be a complete nailcare and make up in one bottle. It is a patented Hexanal formulation and advanced plant stem cell complex that provides antiaging benefits while groundbreaking oxygen technology is supposed to form a non-o'cloc formulation and advanced plant stem cell complex that provides antiaging benefits while groundbreaking oxygen Teknowledge he is supposed to form a nonocclusive film on the nail that provides resistance to water penetration to improve permeability to oxygen. This product is new to me so I'm trying this out for the first time.

The above picture is a picture of my nails after I've had the acrylics taken off so I will be using these Products and I will give you periodic updates and let you know how they work and if they're worth buying.

If you have use these products before then leave a comment down below and let me know whether they worked for you whether they're worth getting.

Stay positive and blessed
 Laurie Ann 

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