Sunday, July 20, 2014

positive thinking?

Need some help with some positive thinking?
First of all lets think about the beautiful birds that are singing outside your windows or the sun that is shining. How about the fresh air outside.
Check out my last two postings on my new website on positive thinking.

There is also a place on the home page that you can put an email into and get anything new that i post in your email.
Thank you and remember that you are beautiful 

Monday, July 14, 2014

New Website

Hey dolls, Go and check out my new website. It has blog postings on all kinds of things, from makeup looks, to review, to diys, to fashion and nails. It also has a place to subscribe on the home page as well. There is a section about me that tells more about me and then there is the portfolio that features my makeup looks as well as other looks that i do on other people as well. The last section is my youtube videos.
Go and check it out and do not forget to sub as well.

My Birthday Haul


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