Saturday, December 7, 2013

Physical Fitness Commitment

I hope that you enjoyed  the last two days blog posting  from "A daily dose of Hitch Fit 365 days of inspiration" by Diana Chaloux-Lacerte with Micah Lacerte. Todays posting is the physical fitness commitment.

--Commit to your workouts. Schedule times for your workouts and get them done! Don't let excuses stand
    in your way.
--Set physical goals. Once you have achieved one goal, then set a new one. Always have something
   that you are striving for, whether it is fat lost, maintenance or building muscle.
--Add variety. Since exercise is something you will do for life, you must find activities that you enjoy!
   Find a new activity, join a sport, sign up for a race, join a new gym, take a new class or work
   with a trainer. Just don 't stop moving.
--Enjoy the outdoors.Include some outdoor activities, such as bicycling, hiking or swimming
--Go the extra mile. Purposely find ways to add extra steps to your day. You'll burn more calories and get
    Closer to the recommended 10,000 daily steps.
--Don't skip the weights! Strength training is important for everyone, so make sure weight training is a part
   of your regular routines.

I hope you incorporate these into your life. Come  back tomorrow for the inner peace commitment.

Peace and beauty
laurie ann

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