Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Mental health Commitment

I hope that you enjoyed  the commitment  blog postings  from "A daily dose of Hitch Fit 365 days of inspiration" by Diana Chaloux-Lacerte with Micah Lacerte. Today's posting is the Mental health  commitment.

--Believe in yourself.
--Be aware of self-talk.Be sure you are telling yourself an empowering story about what is true of you.
--Challenge your mind.Take time regularly, challenge your mind with a puzzle such as word, math,
    jigsaw, or logic.
--Be a mentor. Finding ways to be a positive influence for others can challenge your mind along with enrich
   your life.
--Read. Keep your mind acitve!!
--Eat right and exercise. These directly affect the state of your mental health!
--Explore learning opportunities. Take a class, try a new hobby, attend a lecture or sign-up for an online
--Never say never. be careful of using absolutes which can set you up for failure.Word your goals carefully.
--Reduce stress. Learn and incorporate ways to keep stress levels lower in your life.
--Establish a routine. Keep your health and  your goals a priority. Create a schedule that you can follow
   each week.
--Take  action. Don't just think about what you want to do. Learn the tools that you need for success,
    and just do it!!

I hope that you have enjoyed these commitments
peace and beauty
laurie ann

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