Thursday, December 12, 2013

Lush unboxing

 I have ordered from Lush  before but this is the first time that i have order bath bombs..
Here is what i got:

                                            First lets talk about the packaging. This is so cute. It really is like getting a present.

                                            I got the All the best package. Which comes with 5 different holiday bath bombs for only $34.95. The Lush website will be down below.

                                          Love seeing this on the package. It show who packaged your package.

                                            This is the inside of the box.

                                          The smell from this box is so amazing. It smells so good.

                                            I also got the Rose Jam shower gel. According to the site, Rose Jam is made with pure vanilla pod infusion, goji berry juice, and nourishing argan oil. It has a rose and lemon scent. It is a limited edition scent and comes in three different sizes. I got the smallest for $10.95.

                                                  Snowman has a delicate carrot bubble bar nose. He also has cocoa butter and a nice vanilla scent.

                                            Bombardino has Sicilian lemon oil and vanilla absolute. It also has cocoa butter in this as well.

                                          Cinders has almond oil and cinnamon leaf oil and crackling candy.

                                          Lord of Misrule is a blend of black pepper, vanilla, and patchouli

                                             Golden Wonder is a blend of uplifting lime, orange and cognac oils.

I am already thinking about my next purchase of bath bombs.
Go and check out there webpage

peace and beauty
laurie ann

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  1. Great post! I love LUSH products too! For Sanity's Sake Products has a new product available on shelves January 1st called Pamper Samplers (a sampler box containing small business pampering products from all over).


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