Thursday, August 8, 2013

Gangnam Style inspired Nail tutorial

Here is a Gangnam  style inspired  nail tutorial

                                         I start by putting a base coat on. I am using the Duri rejuvacote

                                          For the top coat i am using the Sally Hansen no chip acrylic top coat

                                           These are the polishes that i am using. From left to right: This is my kansas city chiefs yellow , Pure ice in silver mercedes,Circus by andreas choice in reverso, Julep maven in Emily

                                     From left to right: Kiss nail art paint in black, wet n wild wild shine in kaleidoscope, art deco in aqua, art deco in mint green, kiss nail art paint in white, art deco in red and art deco in yellow

                                      I start by painting my nails as shown in the picture

                                       I then take the black and paint two lines (as shown) on my thumb

                                            The over the silver mercedes I apply the wet n wild over the top

                                           Then the mint green i apply lines as shown above

                                            One this nail I use the above colors and put little round dots (two each color) and then the white i make little line through the dots

                                           I then took the aqua color and painted the nail leaving a triangle as shown above

                                            Thanks to my daughter nicole for helping me with this next step. She made the little bow using the black. Basically is just two inverted triangles with a little dot in the middle.

                                   Then i finish with the top coat.
Here is the finished look
I hope that you enjoyed this

peace and beauty
laurie ann

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