Thursday, July 18, 2013

Does Dollar General Discriminate?

 So here is a little bit of a rant.I normally dont do this but i think in this case this message really needs to get out there so that other people  dont have the same thing happen to them.

A little over a week ago, Myself and my two 17 years old daughters went to our local dollar general. I have been to this store so many times before. Even when they were at their other location. I have always shopped a dollar general even in kansas city , where i am from,, i have even worked there before.
We when in to get some popcorn. After we got the popcorn that we wanted. My daughters wanted to get some drinks and some other snacks ( they were having a movie night) I let them look around and get what they were going to get. ( yes, they did have their allowance which is what they were going to use to pay for their stuff.) I went over to the makeup stuff which i always do,  I love looking to see if they have new stuff out that i may want to purchase. After walking down the length of the isle, I turned around and walked back up to the front to see if my daughters where ready and i notice that the worker  had walked away form the register to watch me. I also noticed that she was really looking me up and down and giving me dirty looks because of my tattoos. This upset me cause i knew what she was doing.  I got  my daughters and we go to the register and pay for our stuff. I told my girls to go outside to our car.I paid for the stuff and I asked if the manager was there. She said i am the manager.  I  asked her why she  was watching me. Her response was that she was also watching two other people as well., I said you mean my daughters. She didnt say anything after that. I said  do you really think that im going to steal, i have shopped here for ever. All there people here know me. I also told her that i will never shop here again after this.
I went home and was still very upset over this. I have never had anyone treat me this way and i know that the only reason was because i have tattoos which im sure that she hated. I went on Dollar General to mention my complaint and as of today i still havent heard from them.

I am upset that Dollar General still hasnt bother to contact me to fix this problem or at least acknowledge this issue.
I dont think anyone with tattoos or anyone in general  needs to be treated this way..
We have Armed Forces and police officers with tattoos.
We all need to be respected no matter what we look like.

I  have even been to other stores  in kansas city where i am from and was clearly the minority and   still was not treated the way i was from Dollar General.

So my question is: Do you think Dollar General  discriminates?

My answer is YES!!!!!

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