Saturday, July 6, 2013

5 ways to use translucent powder

1.) To thicken lashes---- Use a clean spooley brush to sweep a think layer of powder on lashes between two coats of mascara. It bulks lashes up without making them clumpy.

2.) To blot out oil--- Powders with a lot of talc or silica, like Make Up For Ever HD Powder, are great at absorbing grease on your skin.

3.) To prevent blisters ---- When switching from work shoes to going out shoes, dust powder over your feet to help keep  shoes from rubbing against the skin.

4.) To tone down makeup--- When that one extra pass with the blush or even bronzer or eyeshadow, is one too many then dip a clean brush lightly in the powder and blend it until it looks less intense.

5.) To life greasy roots---Shake a little powder on your brush and work it from roots to midlength. The Powder also adds a cool roughed up texture and doesn't show even in dark hair.

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