Sunday, June 9, 2013

Victoria secret insired nail look/ nplc week 22

Hello, I hope that you are having a great day.
I usually do these videos on my youtube channel but i wanted to do some more here on my blog. My youtube link will be listed at the end.
So this is a Victoria Secret's inspired nail look using this weeks pick for the nail polish lottery club. This weeks pick was number 206. My polish for this number is from the OPI line.
Lets get started.

                                         This is the look that we are doing.

                                         This weeks pick for number 206 is OPI's I think in pink. Its part of the breast cancer awareness polishes

                                        These are the polishes that you will need.  From left to right and top to bottom.. OPI's pink yet lavender from the Mariah Carey line, Circus by andreas choice in Reverso, Finger paint in louvre this pink, OPI's I think in pink, Kiss Nail art paint  in black, Kiss nail art paint in white ( not shown is the Kiss nail art paints in white)

                                         I start by first applying a base coat. I dont have it shown by i used two. One coat of the essies grow faster and one coat of duri rejuvacoat. Then i apply two coats of the Finger paints in louvre this pink  to the thumb and the ring finger nails.

                                        I think apply two coats of the OPI I think in pink to the pointer  finger and the pinkie finger.

                                         I applied two coats of the circus by andreas choice in reverso to the middle finger.

                                           When the nails are dry, i then apply the OPI'S  pink yet lavender from the Mariah Carey's line and place the glitter on the nail  of the middle finger where we applied the white.

                                        I then used the Kiss nail art paint in black on the pointer and ring finger. I put a heart on the pointer finger and the words "pink" to the ring finger.( i did mess these up but check the first picture that i posted above.)

                                            I then used the Kiss nail art paint in bikini pink and drew lines as shown on the pinkie finger.

                                         I didnt show this above but  I used the white on the thumb finger. I placed them as shown above.

                                          I then applied out the door top coat, This is my favorite top coat.

I hope that you have enjoyed this.

Here is the video from youtube

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