Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Appreciate your own greatness

Celebrate all you are
and how much you are loved.
Honor the person you are
and all you're becoming
Be reminded of how many people
look up to you and admire
all the goodness in your heart.
Reach out and feel the happiness
others wish for you.
Do the things
that bring  sunlight to your heart
and add a touch of magic to your dreams.
                                         ----Linda E. Knight

You may not understand
just how much your life means
to those around you---
how their days are brighter
         because you're here
and how the sound of your laughter
touches the heart of everyone
        around you.

Your presence adds something special
       and invaluable to the world.
You bring joy to those who love you
and a smile to everyone you meet.

Your life is a gift that is treasured.
                            ---Star Nakamoto

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