Thursday, May 9, 2013

The skin regime review and giveaway (closed)

 Do you ever think about what exactly is in the skin care that we use. Do you ever get tired of spending money on products and them not work at all. I know i do..
I was contacted by Dana Ramos to check out her book and try out her products.
I have read this book and im telling you that you need to get this book.

 Dana speaks the hard core truth in this amazing book. Im sure that cosmetic and skin care company's are not happy with this information being put out there.

 Dana starts out by talking about past issues with bad skin and then it goes into telling you more about the skin regime and the process for doing the skin regime as well. It also talks about the products that are safe to use that are available at any drugstore or even your local walmart.
I love this book. Its very informative  and a must have for you.

 Do you remember tan mom?

  She has done the skin regime and this is her above. She looks fabulous.  A  lot better than before.

I was given a sample of the product. It is 30% glycolic acid peel. I applied this at night before bed. I did experience  some stinging and a bit of redness which according to the book is what is normal. It also states that it is normal for peeling but i didnt have any of the peeling. After leaving the peel on for only a few minutes, i washed it off using the recommended face wash.  The next more when i woke up, i did notice a change in my skin. It looks a lot better and a lot healthier.
Check out her site.

Here is some exciting news. I am having a giveaway and you could win the book and a sample of the peel,.
The giveaway goes for one week and at the end of the giveaway i will then announce the winner and give the information for the winner to Dana and she will take care of mail out the products. Also this is open  to anyone, anywhere.

The giveaway has been taken down due to having a winner

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  1. Great giveaway and she looks so much better!


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