Sunday, February 17, 2013

perfumes of the week.

Lets look at the perfumes that i wore this week.
 On Sunday last week i wore

                                            Betsey  johnson too too. I love the smell of this

There are days that i just dont feel like wearing perfumes and this week was on  monday and on tuesdays
So lets go to wednesday

                                        I just got snooki's new perfume. Snooki couture and i love it as much as her first perfume.

On  valentines day

                                           Lady gaga fame. I havent smelled this yet and received a sample and i must say that i really do love this scent. Very light and pleasant.


                                        Ecstasy by carols daughter

Saturday ( i am sorry about the blur)

                                          pink friday from nicki minaj. This is a sample that i got and i have to say that i am not really impressed with the scent.

I hope that i have enjoyed this
peace and beauty
laurie ann

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