Sunday, February 3, 2013

Perfumes of the week

I have so many different perfumes that i decided to use a different perfume every day. I have been putting them on my instagram so every week i will put them all on here for the week.
So lets get started:

On monday i didnt wear any perfume.
On tuesday:

                                          Pink Beach sun kissed body mist from Victoria's Secret


                                            Pink with a splash fresh and clean all over body mist by victoria's secret

                                         Deep steep body mist in honey dew and spearmint from garden botanical


                                         Immortal twilight (  yes it is from the twilight saga) Love the smell of this.

                                           Pink Sugar

                                      Truth or dare by madonna. I just got this and it is my favorite at the moment. It smells so amazing. Check out my upcoming haul to find out more about this.

So that is the perfumes that i wore this week.
I hope that you have enjoyed this.\
peace and beauty
laurie ann

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