Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Maybelline clean express

 Maybelline has came out with a new line of cleaning products. I Tried it out last night. Let take a look.

                                         Clean Express waterproof Eye  makeup remover

                                         I applied it to a cotton round and used it to take my eye makeup off.
                                         As you can see , it removed all of the makeup that i had on even the mascara. The makeup came off pretty easy as well. ( my eyes tend to get a little red when i take off my eyemake)
It claims to be oil- free and not to leave a greasy residue, Another thing is its suppose to be quick dissolving with harsh rubbing. It is also safe for contact wearers and sensitive eyes

It did remove my eye makeup very quickly and  the first time. I wore a lash tint on my top lashes and usually have to go over it several time to remove it all off and i didnt have that with this.
I did however feel that it had a bit of an greasy feel after i used it.
I do feel this is worth picking up.

                                             Facial towelettes

These are oil-free towelettes that are suppose to quickly break up stubborn makeup in one swipe. No harsh rubbing or greasy residue.
Formula with Moringa Seed Extract , which is natures purifier, that clears everyday impurities.
It also has conditioning agents that leave skin feeling moisturized and smooth. It oil free and suitable for sensitive skin.

I used this to take the main part of my makeup off before i cleanse my skin. I do like this and feel like these really do a great job and removing the biggest part of my makeup. I do wish that they were a little bit thick in the material but other than that, this is a product i do feel is worth getting.

                                         Makeup removing lotion

This 3 in 1 formula is suppose to break down and remove stubborn makeup, cleanse and moisturize. Also Morninga Seed extract removes impurities.
As you can see from the picture, it is a lotion so i lightly rubbed my hands together and applied this to my face. I then rinsed it off. I also waited half an hour before applying my moisturizer so that i could see if this does moisturize. Normally after about 10 minutes my cheeks start to feel really dry but with this i didnt have that at all.
This is worth picking up as well

I love all three of these products. I got them at walgreens, and the wipes were $4.99 and the other two were between 5 and 6 dollars. When i picked these up, i also picked up another maybelline product and with the rewards card, they have buy one get the second half off.

Peace and beauty
laurie ann

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