Thursday, December 6, 2012

My top 5 mascaras of 2012

I am going to break this into different sections. Its going to be my top products of 2012. Today is my mascaras. Lets get started.

                                       Number 1 is Loreal voluminous false fiber lashes. All of these mascaras are in black. I didnt have any flaking with this. It lasted all day. I am wearing this on my top lashes in the picture below.

                                            Number 2 is Maybelline lash discovery waterproof. I have been wearing this on my bottom lashes. I love the tiny brush. It does transfer on to my skin below. It wears all day long. I have it on the bottom lashes in the picture below.

                                           Number 3 is Maybelline The colossal volum express in waterproof. I love how these make my lashes looks. It doesnt flake or smudge and lasts all day. I am wearing it on the top lashes in the picture below.

                                          Number 4 is by Maybelline  the mega plush volum express. This didnt smudge or flake on my lashes. It wore all day long. I loved how my lashes looked with this on. On top lashes in picture below.

                                       Number 5 is tarte lights, camera, splashes waterproof. Here in missouri , during the summer, We had temps that were at 100 degrees a lot. This was great to wear outside or even to the lake. It didnt smudge or flake. It wore beautifully. Its on the top lashes in the picture below.

Maybelline had a great year this year for mascaras. Check out these mascaras if you havent already. They are worth having. 

peace and beauty 
laurie ann


  1. i love the voluminous one but i need to try the false fiber lashes!! great post and love how you showed us with the pics!!!!:)


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