Saturday, December 8, 2012

Cover Blastflipstick

I was sent these from Bzzagent to review.

 This innovative dual ended lipstick has a ultra blendable formula and expertly matched shades that set the stage for endless pucker up possibilities in just one product. Its 2 lipsticks in 1 for hundreds of possible lip looks. It has a bold color on one side and a shimmery shade on the other. It is a moisturizing formula mixes perfectly without feeling heavy or dry.

                                           Vixen. Burgundy and pearl pink shades

                                            stunner. bright pink and gold shades

                                                 minx. deep brown and gold shades

There are these three as well as other
---Whisper --Taupe and pearl pink shades
---- pucker-- light berry and lilac shades
---glimmer----dark berry and soft pink shades
--- flashy-- dark berry and lilac shades
---- perky--bright pink and light pink shades
---tease---red and gold shades
---cheeky--bright pink and peach shades
---snap--taupe and sand shades
---smooth---copper and sand shades
---intense---deep berry and taupe shades

I love these blastflipstick. You can create so many different color combos.
If you havent tried these then head to your local walmart or drugstore and pick one or more  of these up and give them a try.
peace and beauty
laurie ann


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    1. There is a follow me button that you can click or you can also enter your email and follow me that way. There is a button that says follow by email.


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