Friday, November 9, 2012

Sydney eye look

 Lets get started on this eyelook.
I always start by prepping my eyes and today i am using the NYX eyeshadow base. If your looking for a really good base, I love this one. When i use this, my eyeshadow doesnt crease or fade.

                                          The Gopalette Sydney from Coastalscents
                                    This is the palette im using today. There are several of the Gopalettes that have different countries on them. This one is from Sydney. I do have the other Gopalettes. I love these colors and they are so pigmented.

                                            This is the first color i am using. I put this on the lid

                                            This color went into the crease

                                            This color i put on the outer corner of the lid and blended up into the crease.

                                         I used the Wet n Wild single eyeshadow in Brulee on the browbone.

                                           This is the look so far

                                            I used the Rimmel special eyes precision eye liner pencil in black. I tightlined my upper eyes

                                     To finish out the eyes. I used the Hard Candy 1000 lashes fiberized lash weave primer. After i put the primer, I then let it sit for a few minutes then apply mascara.

                                        I used the Rimmel volume accelerator in black on the toplashes and the maybelline lash discovery in waterproof in black on the bottom.

I hope that you enjoy
peace and beauty
laurie ann

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