Saturday, November 10, 2012

Khroma Beauty

I wanted to show you the few items that i have from Khroma Beauty. In case you dont know, this is the beauty line from Kourtney, Khloe and Kim Kardashian. There is a limited number of items coming out now and the rest is suppost to be out next year.
So let me show you what i got.

 Khloe's Kardazzle. Its Khloes palette. I have yet to use this but im excited to try them out.

 This is Kim's Kardazzle. This is Kim's palette. I did use this today but forgot to take pics. I will post some pics using both of these palettes. If you follow me on instagram then you did see my makeup look featuring this palette.

This is Shebang. It has a liner pencils and some shadows with an applicator and some eyelashes. I havent used this yet but excited to. 

                                         This is called Au Natural. It has a nude colored double sided pencil;. So you can line your lips and fill them in. It also has a gloss. This helps you get the famous milky nude lips that Kim is famous for. I did use this today and i do love it.

I will be doing makeup looks featuring these products
I Purchased these at Ulta.

Peace and beauty
laurie ann

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