Thursday, November 29, 2012

Holiday Spruce up Cravebox

 I was excited when i was picked to get this box.

Its the holiday spruce up cravebox.

The holidays are a time when we have family visiting, and we want to make sure that our  homes are clean and smelling good.

                                         So let me show you what they sent me.

                                         First was a couple of coupons. The one above being $2.00 off any size of Biz  Stainfighter. Claims to be one of the best stain removers for over 40 years, You can use Biz to pre treat stains and to super charge your detergents cleaning power, eliminating stains, odors and more. I have not used this. I usually use oxy clean for a pre treater for stains. I will use this and get some and try it out.

                                               This is for $1.00 off on 32 0z or larger of mean green cleaner. This is a powerful, multi purpose cleaner that eliminates grease and grime from most surfaces from fabric to concrete, Its Biodegradable. I use to use this when i still lived in Kansas City. It is pretty good. I have been using Martha Stewarts all purpose cleaner. I will be using this coupon and getting some of this.

                                              Bissell With fabreze freshness in spring and renewal. Stomp N go stain lifting pads with oxy formula. I have never seen these before. I am curious how these work and if they work. It claims no scrubbing needed. Simply place the stomp n go pad on the soiled area for 30 minutes. Permanently removes tough, set in stains and leaves carpets smelling fresh. This is great if you have a last minute spill before guess get to your house and dont have a lot of time to clean the carpets again. Excited to see if this really does work.

                                          Tide Pods in spring meadow. I dont use tide. I am a gain girl. I love the smell of gain. I will use this. It claims it works in all machine types and dissolves quickly in hot and cold water. I has the detergent , stain remover and brightener all in one..

                                         Oxi clean dishwashing booster. It claims that it removes cloudy film, food particles, and spots and streaks. My kids usually do the dishes by hand. So i am gonna see if the dishwasher even works and use this in it. IF not i will give it to my mom for her dishwasher.

                                           Febreze set and refresh in new zealand springs. Claims for long lasting freshness in small spaces, set it then savor the delightful aromas I will put this in our main bathroom. This smells so amazing. I have used these before and i do love them.

Thanks to crave box for this amazing box

peace and beauty
laurie ann

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