Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Haul time!!

So i love seeing other peoples hauls, And i  know alot of people are the same way. So lets see what i got.

My first stop was to kmart. I was looking for some angry bird stuff for my nephew for christmas and i walked by the makeup and seen this. I had to get this. Its from the Kardashian sisters. The line is call Khroma. This is the  side long glance lashes and it comes with two different shadows that can also be used for your brows. I havent used the eyelashes but i have used the shadow on my brows and so far i love it. 

   I also got this at kmart as well. Its Kim Kardashian's glam. I love the scent of this. 

               Next stop was to walmart. I picked this up. its dove hair therapy nourishing hair oil detaingler. I have used this several times and im still not sure what i think. I still need more time to use it.

 If your a twi-hard fan then you want to get this. I first seen it at my local walmart but the inside was messed up so i went to a different walmart and i seen it. If you dont see it at your local walmart then you might try your local bookstore. This has everything from all the films.

               I also picked this up. Its the olay total effects 7 cc cream. I got the light/medium. I just used it today. So far i like it but i need more time using it to determine if its good or not.

                                           I got this as well. Its Maybelline super stay 10 hour stain gloss. Im not sure the color because its so small. I like it so far.

                                    This is the herbal essences honey im strong shampoo and conditioner. I have used this and so far i love the way it makes my hair feel.

                                          I love this. Its covergirl blastlipstick in pucker. I so want to get some more of this.

                                   I also picked up this from Maybelline quad eyeshadow in copper chic. I love these colors and they are so pigmented.

                                           I seen this in a magazine and it claimed to be great at helping undereye circles and bags. I got this at sephora. So far using this, i dont really see anything special about this. There are drugstore brands that are just as good. I will continue to use this and see what i think.

I hope that you enjoyed this.
peace and beauty
laurie ann


  1. Nice haul! I really want to try the Kardashian's cosmetic line.

    1. I have the other stuff that they have out coming in the mail. I will show it in a posting when i get them. I know that their is only a few pieces coming out now and then the rest after the new year.

  2. Hello! I just ran across the Kardashian's line in the store tonight when I was shopping. It looked so interesting, especially the lip products!

    I'm following you and would love if you followed me back on my blog,



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