Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Nail look of the day using Kiss nail dress

I used the kiss nail dress in jeweled strips.

                                              This is what is enclosed in the package.

                                           I applied the nail strips  onto my nail lining up with the cuticle side of my nail.

                                       I then took the file that comes in the package and rubbed over the end of the nail, to make it smooth.. Once i finished applying to all nails, i used a top coat over the top.

                                            Here is the finished look.

                                         This is the left overs that i had. I will save these for the next time and do some different types of looks with them

My thoughts: I love the kiss nail dress. However i do wish there was a little bit more of a variety but i know that in time there will  be more. I also love the fact that any left over can be used again unlike some of the other types of nails stickers that are out on the market.

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