Saturday, October 20, 2012

Marilyn Monroe

 If your a Marilyn Monroe fan like i am then you will want to go and pick up this book below. Its Marilyn's story in her own words.

 I just wish that it was long. She takes you from growing up to her relationship with Joe. However that is where it ends but there is a lot of things that she tells you about that explains why she was the way she was. I don't want to give anything away  but trust me when i say so and pick this book up from your local book store..

                                       This some of the Marilyn collection that i picked up when it came out. 

                                           First let me say that i love the box with the picture and the signature. The inside of the box is red lips. That is so Marilyn.

                                          These are two eyeshadows that i got. The one on the left is how to marry and the one on the right is perferred blonde.

                                        Here is a swatch of the eyeshadows. I like these as a highlight.

                                          This is the blush i got. The name is legendary.

                                        This is a swatch of the blush.

                                             This is the beauty powder called forever marilyn.

                                         This is the swatch.

                                           This is the nail polish that i got. The name is vintage vamp

                                       This is a swatch of the nail polish.

I love the packaging. I do love the products however i think they are a bit chalky. They are very workable.
Peace and beauty..


  1. Gorgeous products. I really want that book, thanks so much for sharing!

  2. OMG that book would make a great bday pressie for my best friend! Thanks for letting us know about it. Looks like you got alot of pretty things from the collection!

    1. Its a book that anyone who loves marilyn wants. I am so glad that i got it. Your very welcome.


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