Friday, October 19, 2012

limited edition baby lips

 Yesterday i had some time to waste, so i went into a walgreens. I have been looking for these. Im so excited that i would them. Its the limited edition baby lips. The one on the left is coral crush, and the one on the right is twinkle.

                                              This is swatches of both. The coral crush is on the left and the twinkle is on the right. There isnt any color with the twinkle.

Im excited to have got these and it was the last package.

peace and beauty
laurie ann


  1. Coral crush looks really nice. I have one..the purple one I believe in Peach Kiss. I love the color and the way it feels on my lips but for some reason they leave a very weird taste in my mouth that makes me sick. Wish it didn't because it is very pretty.

    1. i agree some of them do tend to have a weird taste.


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