Saturday, October 13, 2012

10 ways to go zen

Are you stressed out?
Check out these 10 tips for staying calm and being  confident.
1) Count to 10. Taking just 10 seconds to breathe helps prevent the urge to lash out.
2.) Exercise!  The endorphins released from breaking a sweat gives us a "natural high", which in turn makes us  :)
3.) Spend time outside, whether its going for a hike, walking, or relaxing on your front stoop.When you appreciate the beauty around you, worries appear much smaller!
4.) Cool off with the scent of coconut. The sweet smell of coconut can soothe and relax even the biggest worrywart. Add this scent to a warm bubble bath, or spritz some spray on your pillow to help the calm set in.
5.) Dance! Whats better than taking a night out,  or a night in to dance with girlfriends?
6.) Dark chocolate cocoa gives our bodies a natural high, comparable to that from  exercising: a pretty sweet  alternative. Spice it up with some peppermint, which is proven to have calming effects.
7.) Incorporate a grapefruit half as part of your breakfast! This superfruit can do wonders for your mood and your body!
8.)  Keep a daily journal to organize your thoughts. Diaries can help lead to greater self-awareness and serve as great fodder down the line!
9.)Singing is an instant mood booster, and to really amp things up, create a playlist full of your fave feel-good hits.
10.) Setting aside time for your personal hobby- whether its playing a game, painting, or running - will refresh and revitalize you.

I hope that these help.
peace and beauty
laurie ann

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