Monday, August 27, 2012

Review: Glam glow.

I want to share this review and my thoughts on this hollywood  favorite.

Volcanic Rock, French sea clay and green tea leaf pieces are in the Glamglow

                                               This is the sample that i received.

                                            This is what the product looks like.

The claims :--- Leaves skin noticablly radient and glowing
                  ---Activates moisturizing collagen synthesis
                  ---Provides gentle resurfacing exfoliation
                  --- Provides smoother, tighter skin texture
                  ---Leave skin bright and soft
                 ---Absorbs skin impurities  without removing natural oils

How to use this product:
Apply a thin layer over face,
Will tingle, tighten, and lighten within 15 minutes or less
Rinse off in a circular motion to exfoliate


                                             This is when i first put it on my face

Celebrities that use this
---Nina Dobrev (vampire diaries)
---Tommy Lee
---Edyta Sliwinska (dancing with the stars)
--- Cast of 24

My thoughts: I put this on and  waited the 15 minutes. It does get lighter the dryer it gets. It has  a tingle to it the dryer it gets. When i removed this, I noticed that my face was more radient. It has a glow to it. My boyfriend even noticed it.

I do love this product and will be purchasing the full size of it.
You can get  the 1.7 oz for $69. at dermstore  and here is that link

You can also purchase it on their website.
You can check them out at this link

peace and beauty
laurie ann

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