Saturday, August 11, 2012

Beauty tips via Allure

I was reading the fall issue of Allure Insiders' Guide to Beauty and Style. I wanted to share some useful tips that they have in the front of the magazine.
1.) Dont rest your chin in your hands; it'll contribute to sagging ( and make you look bored).
2.) Pat only two pea-size drops of serum or retinol on your face, but no more
3.) To minimize crows-feet, dab on a skin primer with silicone
4.) Dont fold laundry when its warm; it'll loosen your nail polish and fade the color
5.) Dot foundation on the center of your cheeks, nose, forehead and chin and blend it outward so you dont 
              have too much at the hairline or a creepy edge at the hairline
6.) Swirl  on blush before applying eye shadow and lipstick; you may find that you dont need much more
7.) For maximum volume, revive the old "lather, rinse, repeat" rountine and shampoo your hair twice before
              conditioning the ends.
8.) Keep your body lotion in the shower so you remember to slather it on while your skin is still damp.
9.)  Spritz fragrance behind your knees in the morning, so it rises throughout the day, and behind your ears in
               evening, so it envelops you and those you embrace,
10.) When dressing for a dinner party, make the top of your outfit the focal point, since you'll be sitting down
              for most of the night
11.) Dont use a sticky lint roller. It can leave a layer of adhesive on your clothes that becomes a magnet for
             dust. Instead, switch to a lint brush.
12.) Buy good, well-fitting bras, and replace them often. They may improve your posture, if not your life

                                          ----Linda Wells Editor in chief of Allure

peace and beauty
laurie ann

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