Monday, June 11, 2012

Review: peter thomas roth laser free regenerator moisturizing gel

I received this in the New Beauty test tube that i purchased from qvc.
This claims to be a laser alternative.
This powerful, deeply nourishing, high tech pink gel cream dramatically helps to replenish moisture and essential nutrients. Infused with dragon's blood, a red resin drawn from the Amazon's Croton Lechleri tree, it refreshes prematurely aged skin and diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

  A carefully  balanced mix of anti aging ingredients and plant extracts help regenerate, moisturize and calm an overexposed complexion to reveal smoother looking skin.
This high tech pink gel cream helps hydrate skin thats been heavily damaged by the passage of time, UV exposure and environmental damage.
Drawing from a melange of exotic ingredients, including dragon fruit, red poppy, fire tulip, japanese cherry and purple orchid, this gel cream works to revive skin, for a more radiant looking tone and texture.

FYI--- Dragons blood is a native amazon secret that helps reduce the appearance of inflammation.

My thoughts:  I love this product. When i started using this i did notice a slight change in the way my skin looked. The  more that i use this the more i do love it. I will probably be repurchasing this.
My skin look great when i use this. It is clearer and more radiant.

peace and beauty
laurie ann

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