Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Review: Erno Laszio the hollywood collection

What do all of these beautiful ladies have in common?

                                                      Ava Gardner

                                                 Grace Kelly 

                                                     Katharine Hepburn

                                                           Marilyn Monroe

                                                 Greta Garbo

Not only are they 5 ladies beautiful and wonderful to watch on tv. But they all were the inspired and famous and iconic devotees for Erno Laslo which is celebrating 85 years with this limited edition collection of custom blend skin care.

A true pioneer of modern skin care, Erno is loved by generations of devoted clients for its proven visible results and enduring commitment to beautiful timeless skin.

                                           I received this in a subscription box. ( sorry i dont remember  which one)

                                         These are samples of the hollywood collection

                                         Refresh Moisture Infusion. Grace Kelly from this classic quintessental beauty comes the inspiration to recapture your complexion's clarity and radiance with this 24 hour moisture drenching elixir.

                                          Morning beauty rescue. Vivacious and effervescent, Monroes radiant sensuality  is captured within a revitalizing light as air whipped gel that actively brightens and rejuvenates the complexion as the day starts to begin.

                                        Instant eye repair. Magnetic and alluring, the world fell in love with Gardners mesmerizing eyes. Replenish and rejuvenate your own delicate eye area with a decadent and luxurious firming cream.

                                           Intensive Porcelain Veil. Stop time with a daily defense that shields your skin from accelerated again and achieves the delicately flawless perfection of Hepburn.

                                             Velvet night cream. Elusive and fascinating capture the secret to Garbo's irresistible allure with a regenerative, lusciously decadent night treatment that absorbs instantly into the skin

My thoughts: I used these samples for the last two days both in morning and at night. I honestly dont think that its enough time to judge something have only two times using it. I did notice that my skin looked a lot better just after using these products. I am thinking about purchasing some of these products so that i can continue to use them. I do notice that they have a slight floral scent.

peace and beauty
laurie ann

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