Friday, June 15, 2012

Review: Ciate Caviar Manicure and nail look

I have seen several people doing videos with the ciate caviar manicure and i wanted to try them out and see what i thought about these.

                                            On the left side is the look of my nails  with them on.
                                           The middle pic is what is in the kit. The color of the pink polish is strawberry milk. and it comes with multi color micro beads and a little funnel. It also comes with a try so that you can catch the beads then use the funnel and put the extra back into the bottle.
                                               On the rights side is seche clear base coat and seche vite top coat.
                                                 I started by appling the base coat first then i applied the pink nail color on all my nails except the ring finger on both hands. ( i saved  those for last.)
                                               Then i applied the top coat over top. Once they were dryed. i applied the base coat to my ring finger nails. then applied two coats of pink  then holding over the try i applied the beads and then lightly pressed them into the polish. When they were dry(about 15 to 20 minutes), i applied the top coat just on the tips of my nails on my ring fingers.

                                                     close up on  the first day

                                          Day 2

                                            Day 3

This kit can be bought at Sephora for only $25. I love this look. I think that it is very easy to use. I also love how they look. I  got so many compliments on this look. I will be getting the black and the one beads as well.

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peace and beauty
laurie ann

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