Monday, March 19, 2012

March Conscious box

Lets begin with what i received in my march conscious box.

                                          These are the cards that came with the box.

                                        The top of the box.

                                          E Boost --- Whether you have had a long night or just need that extra kick to the immune system, EBoost uses real ingredients to replenish your body and get you back to the multitasking champ that you are.   You mix this with a glass of water. Its very good. I Love these.

                                          Crunchmaster multi grain crackers--- try these tasty certified gluten gree multigrain crackers that tantalize the taste buds with their crisp crunch. Made with 100% whole grains, cholesterol free, saturated fat free and low in sodium.  I found that these were very good. Great snack. 

                                           Mixtbag--- With GE  crops on the rise, it can be tough to find snacks that you can trust. With Non GMO certified wheat free and gluten free chips, they make it easy to snack without worry. My daughter and i tried these out. We both thought they were very tasty. We both loved it.

                                          Olbas lozenges-- these fight changing weather coughs, clear the head and are perfect if your gluten or sugar aware.

                                           Good kind coffee creamer--- we like to cream our java juce but dont want to sacrifice our health. Heres a GMO, gluten. transfat and artificial flavor, color and preservative free creamer that'll creamer that get you excited about your morning cup o'joe again.

                                         Baker creek heirloom seeds-- Spring is here! Start the season right and get started on your own vegetable garden and flowerbed. it tastes ,, looks and fells great to do. Im super excited to plant these and they are from mansfield mo.

                                           Olivella-- Made with 100% italian virgin olive oil. Olivella brings gentle, hypoallergenic, and healing face and body products to people of all ages. Free of parabens, colorants, animal ingredients and all that other stuff. Olivella makkes healthy etical beauty easy.  This is very moisturizing and smell very light but very good.

                                         Tea forte minteas-- With fair trade and organic ingredients that will make your taste buds tingle, minteas are the perfect follow up to lunch or the morning java juice or anything else that might make your coworkers not want to get too close.  These are good.

                                          Java Juice-- somethings you just need energy, but why order 32 ounces of sugar, food coloring, additives and chemicals? Just blend this with water and get that morning pep in your step from 100% organic fair trade arabica coffee beans.

                                            Healthy to go! Acai energy boost--- A hectic schedule is no reason to skip out  on health. Acai energy boost makes it easy to get a natural antioxidant rich drink that's convenient and tasty. Dont skip your fruits and veggies, but when you do get healthy to go.  I tried this yesterday.  You just mix the pack with water. I took this to the gym with me. Im not sure about this because after the gym and when i got back home. I was very tired and went to sleep. This only happens when i have sugar products. I wont repurchase this item.

                                             Tere's whey--- Spring doesn't just have to mean the start of your new garden. Put some  work into yourself, and make sure your body has the fuel it needs with this. With high antioxident superfruits and low glycemic stevia, this goat why packs a punch.

I am super excited to try the rest of the products that i have tried yet.
Peace and beauty
laurie ann

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  1. I like the variety of items in this box...just doing nice things for your inside!



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