Friday, March 2, 2012

February MyGlam

                                               This is what it comes in.

                                            This cute little pink bag with black hearts was this months bag.

                                           The cards for this months products

                                         Stay flawless and shine free with the oil-free moisturizer with a mattifying complex.

                                            NYX roll on shimmer.  NYX's brand new intensely rich, shimmering powder that can be applied to the eyes, face, and body.

                                           Special treat

                                         Freeman facial mask sachets in goji berry.

                                          NuMe professional styling tools and hair extension $100 gift card. Hair tools that will revolutionize your everyday look.

                                               Premier Dead sea cinderella mask  Luxury skincare rich inlife-enhancing minerals from the dead sea waters.


  1. Be careful with the Stay flawless and shine free with the oil-free moisturizer with a mattifying complex, take off the sticker, it is a completely different product than they are marketing! It is a facial mask not what their print sticker says it is. Their instructions say to leave it on all day, the REAL instructions on the back of the tube after you peel the sticker off says to wash it off after a few mins!! Search on youtube, there are some videos about it. I also posted the link to one of the videos on my fan page on facebook.

  2. I did see that this morning. I have actually put this product away. I did a little test to see if it was a mask. I dont know what it is super wet and runny and smell like a strong rose scent. Which i did think is very strange. Right now i am using clean and clear mattyifying moisturizer on my eyelids. Thanks Veronyka



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