Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Beauty Test Tube

                                          A light-weight, alcohol-free, non-greasy spray infused with argan oil, which attracts and reflects  light to give instant shine and enhance color and highlights.   Full size- $26.      
My thoughts: This does what it says.  I love this product. My hair is shiny after using this stuff.

                                          dr. brandt pores no more anti aaging mattifying lotion. This helps to unclog , refine and minimize pores, control excess oil, and mattify shine. Giving your skin a smoother, more een appearance.This lotion is formulated with apple stem cells, to help delay the natural signs of aging and retinol, which stimulates new cell turnover,, improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  Full size--$60

My thoughts-- I dont like the smell at all. As far as the product, I did use this on my eyelids because of oily eyelids. It did work but there are other products available in your local drugstore that are cheaper and work better. I am currently using the clean and clear mattifying moisturizer on my lids and love it. 

                                         Hydroxatone 90 second wrinkle reducer.  Fast working firming formula that smooths lines across the entire face, instantly diminishing the appearance of crows feet and  laugh lines for younger looking skin. Full size $79.95
My thoughts-- I dont like this product. Im pretty sure this has been advertized on tv. I used this for two weeks and I do have some crows feet. With the eye creams i use, You cant tell but when i used this for the two weeks. All it did was make the lines more noticable. I would not waste money on this product at all.

                                        Kerstin florian krauter fub balm-- The cooling combination of menthol, rosemary, pine and lavender nourish and protect the feet. This minty balm perks up feet and legs at the end of a long day while providing hydrating and aromatheraphy benefits.   Full size $32

My thoughts--This reminds me of Ben Gay, as far as the smell. This product does have a mosturizing quility to it. I put this on my feet and put my socks on and it did work to really moisturize them.

   Garnier skin renew clinical dark spot corrector.   Pure Vitamin c diminishes the appearance of dark spots caused by aging, environmental damage, hormonal fluctuation and past acne damage, in four to eight weeks, spots fade and the size and intensity of hyperpigmentation is diminished. Full size  $17

My thoughts-- I love this so much that i purchase one and its included in the giveaway im having. Check the bottom for the link.  I have been using this on my undereye area. I have noticed a big difference. Also if you have check out beauty broadcast page then you will have seen emily's sister pup did a guest blog on this and liked it as well. 

                                          Lashfood Nano peptide natural eyelash conditioner.   Cosmetic scientists created this lash enhancing conditioner by conducting clinical tests on chemical alternative solutions to lash growth. By infusing nano peptide technology with natural plant extracts, biotin, and soy protein, the breakthrough results proved to transform lashes into longer, thicker, stronger  and healthier ones.  Full size $95. 

My thoughts--- I love this. I feel that this does condition my lashes better than some that you can get at the store. My lashes have gotten longer and better because of using this stuff.   I have an extra one of these and have included that in the giveaway as well. 

                                          Kneipp herbal bath.  The benefits of warm baths have been known since ancient times, This is formulated with beneficial levels of quality plant essential oils, which are inhaled from the steam of your bath and absorbed while you soak in the tube, while the waters natural therapeutic effect augments the essential oils efficacy  Full size $19

My thougths.-- I still havent used this yet. I personally dont have problems sleeping but do have two daughters that have insomnia. I had one of them use it and she desided not to use it because she thought it smelled bad. 

                                         Ahava essential daily moisturizer.  This allows the skin cells to retain optimal moisture levels. Full size moisturizer $38.50
My thoughts-- When i first smelled this, it reminded me of baby lotion., I do use this and change between the three of aveeno that i use.


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