Thursday, January 19, 2012

January MyGlam

                                           Cute pink packaging. Love it!

                                        This is the bag that came this month. Canvus.

                                        Love the freeman  face stuff. I have never tried a peel off mask. I do masks twice a week. This smells so good. This is the facial peel-off mask in cucumber.

                                              Cards that were in the bag. Tell more about the products.

                                        On the left-- Sheer cover duo concealer. We will see if this works for me. On the right-- Wen Sweet almond mint cleansing conditioner. Excited to try this.

                                        thebalm cosmetics hot ticket nail polish. Love this color. It has a bit of a pinkish tint which the light  didnt pick up on. Sorry.

                                           The color is call me iridescent

Im so excited to have got this bag. I do feel it is worth the $10 that i spent on it.

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