Monday, January 16, 2012

January Conscious box

Im excited to share with you what i got in my box for this month.

They included a $10 gift certificate to core foods.

                                        Green tara spirulina energy bites-- Vegan, raw, gmo-free and totally delicious. These replaces processed- commercial energy bars with real food- more nutritious, delicious and empowering.

                                         This tea is a smooth delightful blend of herbs that brings serenity a bit closer to home.

                                         Word centric-  work back toward sustainability with GMO-  free plant based and compostable cutlery from world centric.

                                        On the right-- Kelapo. This coconut oil doesnt just taste great but its great for your health as well.   On the left-- Parma! This vegan and GMO- free parmesan will add tons of taste- plus its packed with omega-3's, b12 and other trace minerals.

                                         Jo-Sha -- Sanitize and rvitalize with every wipe.

                                        Golden earth brings up invigorating scents that are completely free of any artificial fragrances, colors, synthetic ingredients or perfumes. Aromatherapy that's good for you and the world.

                                          On the bottom- Raw revolution-  Power, energy, nutrients and awesome taste jam packed into a tiny 100-calorie bar. Raw, vegan, organic and free of all the gnarly artificial ingredients like soy, GMO and refined sugars.   On the top-- think Thin fruit and nut crunch bars have 2X the protein and 60% less sugar than other leading nut bars. Portable and power packed with nutrition, these bars are also gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan

                                           Ancient minerals- Magnesium deficiency can affect virtually all systems in the body. Ancient minerals provides us with an effective, direct way to supplement this crucial nutrient.

                                          Guayaki-- Prepare for nourishment!- With each sip you'll get the strength of coffee, the health benefits of tea and the euphoria of chocolate.

                                            On the right- Clean well- Alcohol free instant hand sanitizer-- Im super excited to take this to work with me., I dont like alcohol in the hand sanitizers cause they dry my hands too much.
On the left--Eco-dent-- Proper oral care is crucial for healthy living. Eco-dent offers a complete line of premium, natural oral care products.  Between baking soda mints and anti oxidant and min eral rich dental chewing gum. Its easy to keep those teeth bright and clean.

                                          Sacred chocolate- Raw,stone ground, organic vegan cocolate. Love the heart shape.

Also dont forget to enter the giveaway,  Heres the link

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  1. Love the idea of the compostable cutlery!

    Jen x



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