Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Santa nail of the day!!!!

Of course to start this look I used a base coat.  For me i used  a combo of two different products. First was nail magic nail hardener then nail magic nail straightner.  

Then i applied from sinful colors in gogo girl two coats on  my nails.

These are the other two colors that i used.

 I applied the white to the tips

                                            Then i took the black and made little dots for the buttons on santas suit.

                                           Finishing it with a top coat of seche vite


                                           The finished look.

                                            Love this look. my teenage daughters even love this.

                                        To clean up around  my nails. I use this acetone from beauty secrets that i got from sally's.

                                           The brush that i use is that one.. I got it in a brush kit that i picked up from walmart. The brissles are stiff enough that it works perfect for the job.


  1. oh my god. Sinful colors is my favorite. :) Great Blog:)



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