Monday, December 26, 2011


If  you havent seen my latest video click on the link below and check out my video that shows everything i got for christmas. and oh ya sorry about the editing of the video.,

First i want to start this review segment with another product that i received as a sample in the victoria secret bag that i blogged about in a previous blog. Its the flirty little secret firming cream

It does have a slight shimmer  and the smell is so amazing. But i dont feel that it does any firming at all.

I tried out the ORAC  green superfood  that i received in the conscious box. OMG I will not be going and purchasing them. Talk about YUK!!

                                              The powder is green.

                                           So basically you mix the powder with water. I used a water bottle that i had. This is what it looked like. And  when i took a drink YUK is all i can say. I poured it out after that.

Berry plus laundry soap

I also got this in my conscious box. I do have allergies so i have been using gain, which i love the scent. My allergiest to me not to change my laundry soap up so i decided to use this for my towels.

                                            what the container looked like

                                              What the inside looked like.  There are two samples inside

                                          They  say that one vile is all you need and to use cold water. That is what i did but its just not the same smell as gain. So saying that i dont like the smell and dont feel that it cleaned that well. I will use the other vile for towels again but i will stick with my gain for my clothes.

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