Friday, October 7, 2011

lip plumpers

I wanted to do a review of 3 different lip plumpers and let you know what my thoughts  are.

All three days  i wore the same  color. wet n wild natural blend  in  a pink(  not sure the color name) and i wore a different plumper with it on three different days. The first day i wore the elf lip primer and plumper.

This is a great product for a gloss appearance.

 On the second day i wore the same lip color and wore a similar gloss from lip  fusion infatuation.

Great gloss and not sticky or goopy either. great colors as well.

On the third day i wore same lip color with too faced lip injection.

Great gloss and not sticky or goopy either.

My thoughts on the elf. While it is great at providing a  great shine, thats it. doesnt do anything for plump, however i do like the lip primer.  The lip fusion is great. love the shine and it does do  a little plumping..
The too faced lip  injection is great. I feel that of the three that i have the lip injection do the most plumping.. The lip fusion does some plumping as  well just  not as much as the lip injection. What are you thoughts on these 3  products?

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