Saturday, September 24, 2011

mini beauty haul

I wanted to share with you some products and my thoughts from a small little haul from over the weekend. I went to sephora and was surprised to find a tube of smiths  rosebud salve. I absolutely love this stuff and it being in a tube is so much better and easier to use. It doesnt leave any stuff on your fingers from applying it. I also picked up the round countainer of the smiths strawberry lip balm. Love the smell and it is the same texture as the rosebud salve.
My other two products i purchased is from philosophy. The new sugar sprinkles funnel cake and the i love candy corn lip glosses. First of all i am loving the smell of both of these. Great applied alone or  with some lip color. I will post pics of  this haul later today.  What are you thoughts on these?

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