Thursday, September 29, 2011

awesome nail color

I am gonna try the gelish soak off gel polish that i picked up from sallys.  The claims are that it applies like a polish and wears like a gel, and last up to 21 days. The sales lady at the store said that it was the only time that she could grow her nails . I pick  up the set that has all the products in it such as cleanser, ph bond,  foundation, top it off sealer, and the  soak off gel remover, and the  mini uv light and well as the color which i pick up in bellas vampire.  

This is how my nails turned out. The color is a blood red, i must say it look a lot better than i thought. Im really loving how it turned out. The only problem is it is time consuming. I started my nails at 6:30 and didnt get all finished until 8.
You start by cleaning your nails with the cleanser and then apply the ph bond, then the foundation and cure under the light for 2 minutes and then the color and cure again and then top it off sealer and cure again and you do your hand minues the thumbs at a  time.
My over all thoughts are that despite the lenghtly process  my nail look really awesome and they dont chip that easy. I will keep up updated  on how long it last before they do start chipping and i  will post weekly picks to show u as well. 
If you have tried this then let me know what your thoughts are on this.

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