Thursday, October 19, 2017


I found a keto friendly coconut bread
So lets make it together

Here is what you will need
7 large eggs
1/2 cup coconut flour
1/2 cup butter
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp xanthan gum
 Heat oven to 355F
First thing is put the 7 eggs into a bowl and beat them for 1 to 2 minutes on high
then we add the remaining ingredients
and beat again until completely mixed
then scape into a 9 x 6 loaf pan. Again i didn't have baking paper so i just sprayed with coconut oil

Bake for 45 minutes. To check if its done, stick a skewer into the middle and if it comes out clean, then its done.

Does this not look delish. I let this rest for a few before i cut this and let me tell you that this taste so delish and i don't have to worry about this bloating me up.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017


 A revolutionary foundation stick with the coverage of a concealer, the fluidity of a liquid, and the weightlessness of a powder in a longwearing waterproof formula for undetectable full coverage. The unprecedented concentration of pigment in this foundation provides maximum coverage with minimum product, concealing all discoloration and imperfections for flawless skin with a seamless finish.

Winner of "Best Foundation" InStyle 2017 Reader's Choice Awards

 This is a sample size that i got from my sephora at play box
I love the way my skin looks with this foundation. This goes on so creamy and blends so easy.
• A foundation and concealer in one, this concentrated formula contains double the amount of pigment versus traditional foundations for instant coverage in one application.
• Long wearing, waterproof formula provides 12 hour coverage.
• Innovative formula adjusts to your body temperature to effortlessly blend into the skin.
• Designed specifically to be used with the Vanish™ Seamless Finish Foundation Brush for the most seamless finish.
• Available in 26 shades to perfectly match every skin tone.
• Vegan

Blanc - very fair, cool undertone
Alabaster - fair, cool undertone
Porcelain - fair, neutral undertone
Bisque - fair, warm undertone
Linen - very light, warm undertone
Vanilla - light, cool undertone
Shell - light, neutral undertone
Buff - light, warm undertone
Ivory - light medium, cool undertone
Warm Ivory - light medium, warm undertone
Nude - light medium, neutral undertone
Sand - light medium, golden undertone
Golden - medium, golden undertone
Light Beige - medium, cool undertone
Beige - medium, warm undertone
Warm Beige - medium beige, neutral undertone
Golden Tan - medium beige, warm undertone
Honey - medium beige, golden undertone
Amber - medium tan, warm undertone
Golden Amber - medium tan, golden undertone
Warm Almond - medium deep, golden undertone
Golden Almond - medium deep, neutral undertone
Almond - medium deep, cool undertone
Walnut - deep, warm undertone
Chestnut - deep, neutral undertone
Espresso - deep, cool undertone

PRICE: $46

Tuesday, October 17, 2017


WHAT IT IS--This Eyebrow Eyelash Extension Kit has all you need to do eyebrows and eyelashes. There are four trays to choose from. Each tray has Mixed J Curl 0.10mm Length 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm In One Tray. This is for different lengths for eyelash extension and brow extensions. It comes with Blonde, Light Brown, Brown, and Black trays. It also has a DVD so it will show you how to apply Eyelash extension, and Eyebrow Extensions. Brow extensions are easy to apply with Lashes and Cosmetics clear glue. There is also remover. Eyelashes and Brows can last up to 4 weeks if properly taken care of. The DVD shows and explains proper ways to apply and take care of. The Eyelash and Eyebrow Kit includes: 4 Trays of Brow or Lash Extensions - Blonde, Light Brown, Brown, and Black, Eyebrow / Lash Long Lasting Clear Glue, Remover, Straight Tweezers, Curved Tweezers, Scissors, 3 Rings, Eyelash Wands, and DVD.

WHAT IT DOES-- You can create fuller brows and also create the look of fuller lashes either on your self or if you are a makeup artist then  this is a must have for your kit.This kits is from Lashes and cosmetics.

WHAT I LIKED-- It love that this kits comes with different colors as well as a dvd that makes it super easy to do the extensions either on yourself or on clients. This kit really provides everything that you are going to need.



Monday, October 16, 2017


This is a palette that i have been wanting for a while. Actually i wanted one of these types of palettes before this edition even came out. I ended up getting a single small size of the bronzer which made me want this even more..
So my treat this year, this beautiful palette. 

 - 2 x 0.04 oz/ 1.3 g Ambient® Lighting Powder in Dim Light, Diffused Light
- 2 x 0.04 oz/ 1.3 g Ambient® Lighting Blush in Surreal Halo, Pure Effect
- 0.04 oz/ 1.3 g Ambient® Lighting Bronzer in Luminous Bronze Light
- 0.04 oz/ 1.3 g Ambient® Strobe Lighting Powder in Hypnotic Strobe Light

For this look i used the finishing powder in diffused light on the lid after i primed it but before the shadows. Then i used the bronzer which is the luminous bronze light and then blush is the surreal halo which is so beautiful and the the highlight is the strobe powder in hypnotic strobe light which i love as well

So far im loving this palette.

How do yo love the eye look?

Saturday, October 14, 2017


This is a new holiday palette set from too faced. I love the box that it comes in,. Very festive for the holidays.

and lets talk about this bag. It makes this so perfect for travel. and how true is the statement on the front "i have way more makeup at home"

When you open the palette, here is what the inside looks like. You get this cute pamphlet that gives you a couple of different eyelook to try out. and the palette are on the right and then it comes with deluxe sample of the better than sex mascara. 

Here are the three different palettes. How cute are they.
They best part of these palettes is that if you want to gift them then you just flip it over and put who your giving it to and who its from

Here is the first palette
  • Angelic (matte bone)
  • Oh, Deer! (matte soft caramel)
  • Sleigh My Name (deep golden brown)
  • 5 Golden Rings (iced champagne gold)
  • Pretty Pecan (rich chocolate brown)
  • BAEthoven (matte espresso)
  • Warm My Heart (warm shimmery bronze)

For this eye look, i used angelic on the brow bone, i used oh dear! in the crease, 5 golden rings on the lid, pretty pecan on the outer lid and the outer part of the crease, and baethoven as an eyeliner.


  • Lucky Star (iced buttercream)
  • Tipsy (silvered gray w/ pink sparkle)
  • Sleighhh Girl (gilded grey)
  • Cozy Cashmere (pale creamy pink)
  • Oh What Fun (matte cappuccino)
  • No Peeking (matte black)
  • Dashing Through the Glow (soft champagne)



I used cozy cashmere all over lid and browbone, oh what fun in the crease, tipsy on the outer lid. I then used lucky star on the browbone and sleighhh girl on the lid. I tood the no peeking and used that as a  liner

In this look i also used the bronzer, blush and highlight as well. I also used the better than sex mascara that comes in this kit as well.


  • Snowgirl (matte cream)
  • Pink Rink (soft peachy pink)
  • Spoiled Rotten (matte taupe)
  • Mink Pink (ballet slipper pink)
  • Pink Christmas (pink w/ silver sparkle)
  • Wish For It (shimmering plum)
  • Pink Pointsettia (vibrant pink)


For this look i used, snowgirl all over lid, and brow bone. I then used mink pink on brow bone and pink rink on center of the lid. pink Christmas on inner lid, and wish for it on outer lid and in the crease i used spoiled rotten.

I absolutely love  this kit. Its perfect for travel and you can really create so many different looks. I tried to incorporate all the shadows into ever look i did to show that they all work together. 
These colors just scream christmas time

PRICE: $49

Friday, October 13, 2017


SO I am starting a new post every friday, and this is where i am going to show you the latest beauty goodies that are coming out and also any new sales that are going on in the moment.

So lets get started

 First up, is from Boscia 
This is the new luminizing pink mask and tsubaki jelly ball cleanser.  They did partner with valley cruise to create this limited edition packaging.
There is not a launch date for these yet but they will be coming to Sephora online as well as in stores.

 Next we are this collab. Maybelline collabed with Gigi Hadid for this jetsetter palette. This palette features 2 concealers, 2 lip balms, 4 eyeshadows, 1 blush, 1 matte bronzer, 1 highlighter and 1 mini mascara. This is $29.99 and is limited edition. It is available as an early access for platinum members at ulta and will be available officially October 22 and will be available globally later on.

 We all love Mac so here we go. Right now Macys is having a 10 days of glam sale. and some of the products are 50% off but On October 21, All Mac brushes will be 50% off

 Huda beauty  is coming out with Faux filter foundation which is a velvety smooth liquid foundation that is full coverage, with an airbrushed radiant finish. There are 30 different shades and this runs $40. There is also a complexion perfection pre makeup base primer. This formula visibly blurs the appearance of pores, fine lines, smoothing the look of the skin for a fresher, longer lasting makeup look. This runs $30. And we also have this buff blend brush which is a synthetic brush that runs $25 This is available today worldwide. You can get these online at sephora, huda beauty, and harrods as well as sephora middle east. 

We have a sneak peek at the Too Faced La Creme Mystical Effects Lipsticks in UNICORN TEARS, ANGEL TEARS, MERMAID TEARS AND FAIRY TEARS. THESE WILL BE AVAILBE  SPRING 2018
 There are some new additions to the makeup revolution family.  DRAGONS HEART, MERMAIDS HEART, AND UNICORNS HEART.

They are live now on the website

 Next is the new Tartelette toasted palette from Tarte. How cute is the cover and look at these colors.. This palette is screaming fall. It will be available on October 15 on their website.  And Tarte is giving back to those recently affected by all the devastating natural disasters. If you want to donate to those in need click here   Tarte will match all contributions up to $200,000..

and last for now is this new  pink sparkly face mask from Too faced. Its called Glow job. Who doesnt love glitter and now we can put it on our face in mask form. YES!!!
This is a radiance boosting peel off glitter mask supercharged with brightening ingredients and real sparkling gold. IT will be available December on their website( limited quantities for early release) and it will be available officially Spring 2018

This is a lot thats coming out.
I have enjoyed bring to you the latest products set to come out.

Let me know what your most excited about


Thursday, October 12, 2017


If you have followed me for a while then you know that i am on the keto diet. I have never felt better in my entire life.
If you do not know what the keto diet is, its  low carb, high fat diet
So here is a fall fat bomb that i made and the best part is that they are pumpkin spice, YES!!!

Here is what we need
1/2 cup butter, at room temp.
1/2 cup cream cheese, ( yes full fat version)
1/3 cup pure pumpkin puree
4 drops liquid stevia
pumpkin pie spice

I started by using a pan, and since i didn't have baking paper, i just sprayed some coconut oil in the bottom

In a bowl, we are going to measure the butter, and cream cheese

whisk those together until smooth
Add pumpkin
and whisk together again
Add the stevia, and the pumpkin pie spice
and whisk again.

then you spoon into your container
Then you spread it out and place into the freezer for about 1 hour.

Then you cut into about 16 or so pieces and store them in the freezer. I put them into a bag and then i usually end my evenings after supper with one of these or if i am craving something sweet then i will have one.

I took it out after an hour and cut them into pieces but in the middle it still needed some more freezer time so i put them back into the freezer and later today when they are frozen, i will put them into a bag then store them in the freezer.
BUT OMG, they is just like a pumpkin cheesecake taste. I love these.